Client testimonials

"Mel took much time and care to understand the culture and style of our organisation. She researched our sector and audience so well and in a short time totally improved the face and public profile of our charity - always promoting us elegantly, consistently and with professionalism. She always wrote from the charity's perspective with passion, persuasion and knowledge. Mel was never precious about her copy and was always happy to listen, adjust or edit to get the right tone and emphasis.

Mel's work undoubtedly made a real and continual impact in increasing our supporter base, the breadth of our financial support, and both the number and quality of our volunteers. She meets deadlines, never needs chasing or reminding, and reads the audience and market. Mel is always prepared to spend time keeping up-to-date with current news and research, and making relevant connections. Mel is a total team player: flexible, open and honest. She is a pleasure to work alongside, and an asset to any organisation." 

- Jane Turner, Soulscape

"We have used Melissa for many direct marketing fundraising appeals and all have achieved a great result. She is great to work with and reasonably priced. Would recommend to other charities." 

- Rebecca Richards, Young Women's Trust

"Mel quickly understood what we were about and what we valued. She works well to briefs, has good time management and is a great professional to work with." 

- Joel Wallington, Chasing Zero